Why learn Spanish in Antigua Guatemala?

Spanish is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages and its popularity is growing all the time. What better place to learn it than Antigua, the old colonial capital of Central America? This beautiful city is recognized as one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in the whole of the Mayan World and is Guatemala’s most popular destination for visitors.

For the student of Spanish, Antigua and the surrounding area offers a wonderful opportunity to experience the language, life and culture of this fascinating region.

Antigua is a cosmopolitan city offering many attractions for the visitor. Surrounded by beautiful countryside, it is close to colorful indigenous towns and villages, spectacular volcanoes and other fascinating locations. Famous archaeological sites and other popular destinations are also in easy reach.

What’s special about the Centroamerica Spanish Academy ?

Established 20 years ago, we are one of the oldest schools in Antigua and we pride ourselves on the best quality language tuition for students of Spanish at all levels. As a student you will be assigned an experienced teacher and, using a variety of teaching methods and materials s/he will devise a learning programme for you based on your needs. We place an emphasis on building your confidence to communicate in Spanish - using plenty of conversational work, supported by written notes and exercises.

Our students have commented that the setting and ambience of the Centroamerica Spanish Academy set it apart from other schools in Antigua. Situated inside the Hotel Santa Ana", a charming building, the beautiful garden and airy corridors give the school a bright but relaxed atmosphere.

The size of the school enables us to treat each student as an individual and ensures that we can cater for your personal requirements.

How much time will I need?

The number of hours tuition per day and length of your stay is entirely up to you and we will cater to your requirements. However, as a general guide we estimate that with 6 hours of tuition a day, a student will be able to use basic dialogue within 2 weeks, become proficient within 6 weeks and speak fluently within 12 weeks.

Classes generally run Monday through Friday but are also available on Saturday if requested.

Where will I stay while I am studying?

We recommend that you stay with one of our host families for the duration of your study. It is a wonderful opportunity to practice communicating in Spanish and will enable you to experience Guatemalan family life and hospitality. Each family has been carefully chosen and you will be given a private bedroom and 3 meals each day*. Family houses are within easy walking distance to the school.

We are also happy to arrange alternative accommodation in shared appartments in the city if this is your preference.

«no meals on Sunday»

How do I register with Centroamerica Spanish Academy?

Please fill out a registration form and return in with a deposit of US $50.00 (We accept VISA*, Mastercard*, IMO’s and travellers checks.) Alternatively please feel welcome to email or telephone us with your requirements or questions. If you are already in Antigua, please drop by the school and we will be pleased to assist you in person.

A 12% surcharge is added for credit card payments

How can I get transportation to Antigua from the Airport?

Arrangements can be made to personally meet students at Guatemala City International Airport and provide transportation to Antigua. Simply add US $30.00 to your deposit and advise us of the date, time of arrival, and airline you are using.

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