6a. Avenida Norte No. 39 Antigua Guatemala,
Phone 502-78324180,
Celular: 58722469

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Don Pedro de Alvarado" Spanish School is located in Central America's most interesting and fascinating city, "La Antigua Guatemala", just a short 45 minute bus ride on the Pan American Highway from downtown Guatemala city. The Center specializes in private Spanish language Instruction organized on a 1 to 1 teacher/student ratio which can be arranged on a 4 or 6 hours a day basis, 5 days a week

The majority of our teachers are of university level and speak English. Almost all of the teachers have taught Spanish for at least 5 years and are specially qualified and trained to teach Spanish.

The student is given a new instructor each week in order to provide the student with a variety of learning experiences. The center is not an ordinary linguistic program that is found in other schools, as it offers courses geared to the individual students' need and not to a rigid program pre-established by the Center.

Students progress at their own speed and are not slowed down by conventional methods. Students are offered an opportunity to concentrate on speaking, writing, or reading abilities or a combination of the three. The teachers are accustomed to teaching beginners as well as intermediate and advanced students from North America, Europe and Asia.

Unlike conventional programs, the clases are held in a variety of locations with the Guatemalan people themselves, such as in the parks, town square, market, cafes, ruins of colonial churches, etc. In all cases the student decides where he would like to study and what he would like to see following his private instructor's initial orientation.

Our school - Schedule of classes - Antigua Guatemala - Prices - Reservations - Services